KidsCore is a music and worship curriculum that equips children to become active and informed worshipers of Jesus Christ. The idea is to not only develop their knowledge of music, but more importantly help children increase their understanding of what it actually means to worship God.

  • Logo System
  • Typography, Color
  • Business Cards
  • Apparel Design
  • Trade Booth Design

We helped achieve two main goals:

Create a fun and playful brand that resonates with grades k-5
  • Multiple colors show youth and diversity.
  • Bold and rounded handmade typeface with
    playful and childlike feel.
Inclusive of all, regardless of musical experience
  • There are no technical music symbols in the primary logo
  • The logo speaks to the purpose, and not the music. The Kids Core songs are solely based and rooted in scripture. Therefore, it only made sense to create a logo inspired by scripture: “out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks”




Print Material

Trade Booth