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Yes Please Design was created because helping good people communicate through good design is our passion and purpose. We believe designers are really communicators. We help others find solutions that are both beautiful and actually communicate what they are trying to say.

Working in areas that are not your expertise can be overwhelming. We provide an experience that makes you feel comfortable and satisfied, so that you can focus on what you do best.

What matters

Amanda here. Let me tell you a story.

One time, in my old life as a Creative Media Manager, I worked with a reputable company to create a commercial. I had a specific vision in mind. I communicated my vision. The creator sent me the first draft, and I was disappointed, no, I was flabbergasted.

I was stunned at how little effort was put into understanding the purpose of the video and what the needs were. They performed a ‘let’s get this over with’ job. I knew right then I would never work with this place again. And that right there, is why we at Yes Please care so much about clear communication, genuine understanding, and design that resonates.

Because it’s not about how good of designers we can be, but how much more your brand can stand out.

Amanda Murray

I’m a problem solver and puzzle do-er (probably not good grammar), and I love graphic design. For me, it’s not just about putting elements together in a pleasing way. I love taking something and making it easy to read and connect with. There’s something so satisfying about taking intangible thought, and turning it into a tangible connection. Somehow along the way I married the only person I want to do life with, and had two crazy awesome kids. When I’m not designing, I’m enjoying the chaos that is my family, reading, or sharing embarrassing stories with the best group of friends.

Michelle Aubrey


I love extracting ideas from peoples brain and turning them into reality. My goal at the end of a project is to give a client a product better than what they originally imagined. Turning thoughts into something tangible…kind of sounds like magic? I’m no magician but I do love (and sometimes hate) the challenge of design. I am blessed to be a mom of boy-girl twins and am a wife to the most incredible husband. When i’m not designing I am spending time with my family and the incredible community I am surrounded by.

How we got started

Michelle speaking! Amanda and I worked together at Sky Ranch Christian Camps, me as a graphic designer and her as my Creative Media Manager. In our three years working together we concocted a plan to start our own business together. Here we are two years later and we are so pumped to create something that represents your brand in a way that makes you undeniable! Let me hear you say “Yes Please!!!”

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