Amarillo Handyman

Derek Ratliff wanted to be THE Amarillo Handyman. The name speaks for itself. Amarillo Handyman is based out of Amarillo, TX. The owner? A hardworking gentleman whose aim was to create a business that stood out amongst the competition, providing excellent service by a professional.

  • Logo System
  • Typography, Color
  • Business Cards
  • Apparel Design
Visual Identity Goals
  1. Easy to identify – know what is being offered
    when looking at the logo
  2. Stand out from local competitors
  3. Professional
  4. Emphasis on local – Amarillo
Target Audience
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Small businesses
  • Those less agile




Color and Type


Representative of Amarillo

  • Gold – Amarillo is Spanish for yellow, but let’s be honest yellow is a little atrocious when it come to logo design so we went with gold
  • Brown – Representative of the flat plains of the Panhandle, rust, tools, a more masculine color
  • White – Clean. Creates negative space but also illustrates the idea of things being made new; back to its original state.
  • Texas-inspired, but with a modern take
  • More masculine
  • Bold and purposeful

Print Material